The Intuitive Two (Metropolis Magazine)

How do George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg please their high-profile clients? By discerning the difference between what they ask for and what they really need. In 2001 Steve Hanson, the New York restaurateur, was not pleased when he heard that Yabu Pushelberg (YP) would be designing Bluefin, his 400-seat seafood restaurant at the base of […]

A Serra Sculpture Emerges From Its Tomb (The New York Times)

A Richard Serra sculpture sat behind a wall. Talk about a permanent collection.Arts & Leisure SAN FRANCISCO – The art-world gods must have a strong sense of irony: how else to explain why our greatest living sculptor of walls would find his work behind one? That was the case from 1998 until last month, when […]

How to Make a Building Fly (New York Times)

Will Alsop, who designs unhumble buildings for humble clients, hits new heights of audacity in Toronto. We could have built four or five floors on the vacant parking lot,” the English architect Will Alsop says of the $30 million building he designed for the Ontario College of Art and Design. “But there’s no magic in […]

Rough Not Rustic (Dwell)

In Arthur Erickson’s Smith residence, modernity is rustic. Massive fir beams support a glass-walled living room that bridges over the entrance to an open-air central courtyard.  Gordon Smith knows landscapes. As one of the most prominent Canadian painters of his generation, the 84-year-old has a reputation for not-always-easy abstract expressionist depictions of the wilds near […]

Winnipeg Whiteout (Dwell)

In Winnipeg, Manitoba, 24-year-old Sotirios Kotoulas designed a starkly modern house that makes John Pawson look like a maximalist. Sotirios Kotoulas–like most artists and architects whose work begs for the term–hates to be called a minimalist. But looking at the house Sotirios designed for his family on the outskirts of Winnipeg, Manitoba, it’s a tough […]

The Modern’s Other Renovation

What happens when one of the world’s most visually aware institutions redesigns how its name is written?

House Keeping (Saturday Night)

At Heritage Estates in Markham, Ontario, Historic Homes Find New Life In A Subsidized Postmodern Subdivision. Their Rescuers May Save A Few Bucks — But Are They Really Saving the Past? Markham, Ontario, used to be an agricultural community. Now it grows subdivisions. They shoot up from the fields like corn in July — old […]

Bruce Mau: Change Is Good (Metropolis)

Whether he’s shaking up tired office furnishings or pushing a radical design theory called Massive Change, Bruce Mau is unafraid to tangle with the status quo. (Photo by Christopher Wahl) “There was no way in a million years that I would have come into work one day and said, ‘You know what? Panel fabrics baby, […]

Pleasing the purist, not the tourist (National Post)

Bilbao, begone! With a stunning new museum, architect Moshe Safdie bucks a trend — by designing a building that doesn’t upstage the art The defining moment of the current golden age of museums is easy to pinpoint: On the evening of Oct. 18, 1997, along the banks of the Nervion river in Bilbao, Spain, the […]

Sound Barrier (Metropolis)

A musical art piece approaches the delicate subject of suicide prevention with an affirmation of life. The Bloor Street Viaduct is one of Toronto’s grandest civic structures and its leading place for suicide. Rising 140 feet above the Don Valley, which sweeps south toward Lake Ontario, the viaduct crosses ten lanes of highway, two sets […]