A Museum That Puts Art First

San Francisco’s new de Young Museum shows that eye-popping architecture doesn’t have to come at the expense of function (article link) (slideshow link)  Although some say the new de Young Museum in San Francisco resembles a washed-up aircraft carrier, it also looks a lot like the golden hills of California. The roofline traces a gentle […]

Pixar at MoMA

The Art and Tech of Innovation (BusinessWeek Online Podcast) A new exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art pulls together drawings, paintings, sculpture and, of course, films from throughout animation studio Pixar’s 20-year history. In this podcast, exhibition co-curator Ronald Magliozzi talks with BusinessWeek contributing editor Andrew Blum about why Pixar belongs on MoMA’s walls, […]

How 3form Is Bending the Rules of Design

It makes an architectural plastic so revolutionary that at first, firms weren’t sure what to do with it — but they’re catching on fast. (BusinessWeek Online) When Ruben Suare leans across a Manhattan café table and says the word “plastics,” he isn’t dispensing the modern-day career advice of Mr. McGuire in The Graduate. He is […]

The Studio As Schoolhouse

Moshe Safdie & Rafael Vinoly (BusinessWeek Online Podcast) Contributing editor Andrew Blum talks to two architects who have recently set up fellowship programs within their studios: Moshe Safdie and Rafael Vinoly. For Safdie – the Israeli-born, Boston-based architect whose design for the United State Institute of Peace will rise on the last free site along […]

Architectural Wonders: Building Innovation

Architects face such challenges as terrorism and costly energy, while designing ever-higher, technologically advanced buildings. BusinessWeek Online (article) (slideshow) Nearing the end of a year that has seen a new skyscraper win the title of tallest in the world and an innovative factory redefine what a manufacturing plant can be — not to mention ongoing […]

Voicing the Visual

Apple’s graphically oriented new screen reader may be the future of accessible interface design. (Metropolis) When he was an 18-year-old college dropout, future Apple CEO Steve Jobs signed up for a calligraphy class. In a speech last year, he said he fell in love with typography though convinced that learning about serif versus sans-serif typefaces […]

Eos: Anything but Another Plane Jane

BusinessWeek Online While raising $87 million in capital for his fledgling airline, Eos CEO Dave Spurlock used to play make-believe on the office floor of his friend’s hedge fund in Palo Alto, Calif. He’d lay out a slice of 757′s cabin in blue tape and wheel desk chairs into the imaginary aircraft’s interior. Then he’d […]

Great Architecture’s Big Day

Britain’s Stirling Prize shows how to raise public awareness of civic design. Wouldn’t it be nice if that could happen in the U.S. too? BusinessWeek Online (article) (slideshow) When the Stirling Prize was announced this Saturday, the widow of Enric Miralles, the Spanish architect of the Scottish Parliament building, was suddenly £20,000 richer, and the […]

It Sure Ain’t Old Navy

Gap’s new chain, Forth & Towne, is a bet that store design can lure women 35 and over — and keep them hanging out for awhile. BusinessWeek (link) (pdf) In 2003, with sales just recovering from a deep slump, Gap Inc. () set its sights on the one slice of the market it wasn’t reaching: […]

The Remote Home (Dwell)

In the future, everything will be on the grid–lights, music, A/C, even your body itself. The trouble, of course, is that the grid has no edges. Dwell, October/November 2005 My wife and I recently drove the entire length of Interstate 80, from San Francisco to New York. After a few nights spent in roadside motels, […]

The Peace Maker (Metropolis Magazine)

As he works on the landscape at the de Young museum in San Francisco, observers wonder: can Walter Hood bridge the divide between public space and in-your-face architecture? (Metropolis) Just before lunch on a bright day in April, Walter Hood straddles a low wall at Splash Pad Park–which he designed–and says, “I like public space […]

JetBlue’s Terminal Takes Wing

A fusion of panache and practicality, the $875 million facility will revive JFK’s long-vacant TWA building — and still handle 250 daily flight (BusinessWeek Online) While most airlines areputting their passengers through the wringer — less food, extra fees, and more seats crammed into the carriers’ flying sardine cans — JetBlue (JBLU ) is making […]