Blueprints for a Revolution (Wired)

Breakthrough Moments in Silicon Valley History Behind every new new thing is a visionary with a brilliant idea. In Designing Interactions, his 800-page opus with accompanying DVD, IDEO cofounder Bill Moggridge is our guide for a long walk down Silicon Valley’s relatively short memory lane, narrating interviews with the people who shape “the way people […]

Greener Education (Metropolis)

Parks and organizations worldwide are learning “public-space management” from the Central Park Conservancy. (link) Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux imagined Central Park as a model for all parks, but even they’d be impressed by this: the Central Park Conservancy, the not-for-profit organization that manages and maintains the park, has been quietly sharing its expertise […]

IDEO’s Urban Pre-Planning (Metropolis)

IDEO’s approach could be seen to further erode the idea of city-building as a democratic process (if it ever was) because of the way it applies the shiny language of marketing to the gritty mixed-up world of the city.

Suman Sorg: Representing the U.S. and Staying Secure (BusinessWeek)

Suman Sorg has designed official facilities in Sri Lanka, Kuwait, and Afghanistan. She talks about building in a war zone and other challenges (link) The daughter of a diplomat, Suman Sorg—the principal architect at the Washington-based Sorg and Associates—has been designing embassies and other facilities for the State Dept. for almost 20 years. Actually longer, […]

Dream Builders: Tom Kundig (Pursuits)

To hear Clay Jackson tell it, when he and his wife Jane showed up to meet architect Tom Kundig at his Seattle office, Kundig could hardly contain himself. “Check this out,” he said, bounding over to a pair of strange-looking steel dials suspended by steel rods from above. It all looked like something out of […]

Art Capturing Art Capturing Art Capturing… (New York Times)

When Emily Pulitzer opened the Pulitzer Foundation in 2001, she conceived of it as a gesamtkunstwerk — Wagner’s term for the synthesis of multiple art forms — and “Joe,” in all its permutations, lives out the notion to dizzying effect.

Small Hotels, Big Personalities (BusinessWeek)

Indie establishments serve up singular style (pillow menu anyone?) along with luxurious touches and 21st century amenities (link) I once stayed at an unassuming little hotel in Paris tucked in an alleyway near the Seine. The rooms were decorated with playful mosaics, the hallways smelled of lavender, and in the mornings the manager himself served […]

Storm Center (Wired)

Designing a new home for NOAA – the satellite guys – set off a hurricane-force fight between the geeks and the government’s star architect.

How Hospital Design Saves Lives (BusinessWeek Online)

Design changes can cut infection rates, lower physician errors, improve staff performance, and make all the difference in delivering care (link) In 1999, the Institute of Medicine shocked the health-care industry with its landmark report, “To Err Is Human,” which highlighted the staggering human and financial costs of medical error: an estimated 44,000 to 98,000 […]

Seeing the Light (BusinessWeek Online)

RPI’s Lighting Research Center is proving that light does more than help us see—from improving sleep to helping infants gain weight (link) The residents of Schuyler Ridge Residential Health Care, a senior care facility in upstate New York, have had an easier time getting to the bathroom recently—not because of additional staffing or new medication, […]

Studio Gang: Behind the Curtain (DigitAll)

In Chicago, America’s greatest architecture city, Studio Gang is using technology to reinvent the process of building (link) “When we started thinking about this idea, we realized we were going to need a laser cutter,” architect Jeanne Gang says, standing over the machine in the back workshop of her architecture studio in Chicago. It’s an […]

Green Wonders of the World (BusinessWeek slideshow)

Ten years ago, the large-scale green building was still a pipe dream. Most of the designs were the architectural versions of horsehair shirts, neither very comfortable nor very pretty. Using less energy meant making do with less—less heating, less cooling, and moreover, less of the symbolism and grandeur that defines great architecture. Today’s green buildings, […]