David Kelley: Thinking Design (Dwell)

Most days, David Kelley rides his bike from the Palo Alto, California, offices of Ideo, the design and innovation firm he founded in 1990, to the Stanford campus, where he directs the university’s fledgling Hasso Plattner Institute of Design, or d.school. The ride is about a mile, but to Kelley it’s getting shorter every day. […]

The Remote Home (Dwell)

In the future, everything will be on the grid–lights, music, A/C, even your body itself. The trouble, of course, is that the grid has no edges. Dwell, October/November 2005 My wife and I recently drove the entire length of Interstate 80, from San Francisco to New York. After a few nights spent in roadside motels, […]

Design=Everything (Dwell)

A Bruce Mau exhibit in Vancouver takes on the role of manifesto, rethinking design on a grand scale. For today’s world of global uncertainty, Mau’s fascinating, sometimes perplexing declarations offer unexpected solutions.

My Father, The Architect (Dwell)

July/August 2004 “So tell me about your relationship with your father” does not typically count as small talk. But the children of famous architects pictured here know why we might be interested: Because they co-opted their father’s buildings as playgrounds and were dragged on endless architectural pilgrimages, they’ve acquired a heightened psychological relationship with architecture–a […]

Winnipeg Whiteout (Dwell)

In Winnipeg, Manitoba, 24-year-old Sotirios Kotoulas designed a starkly modern house that makes John Pawson look like a maximalist. Sotirios Kotoulas–like most artists and architects whose work begs for the term–hates to be called a minimalist. But looking at the house Sotirios designed for his family on the outskirts of Winnipeg, Manitoba, it’s a tough […]

Rough Not Rustic (Dwell)

In Arthur Erickson’s Smith residence, modernity is rustic. Massive fir beams support a glass-walled living room that bridges over the entrance to an open-air central courtyard.  Gordon Smith knows landscapes. As one of the most prominent Canadian painters of his generation, the 84-year-old has a reputation for not-always-easy abstract expressionist depictions of the wilds near […]