Planning Rwanda (Metropolis)

Thirteen years after the genocide, the tiny African nation begins imagining its future.

Brad Cloepfil: The Elementalist (Metropolis)

Brad Cloepfil’s emerging body of work may symbolize a shift away from glib shape-making toward a more timeless and lasting architecture.

Dreaming In Code (Metropolis)

Jonathan Harris distills the Web’s infinite avalanche of thoughts, facts, and feelings into exquisitely framed portraits of humanity.

Living On the Network (Metropolis)

Objects should celebrate our connection to the digital world, not minimize it. (link) The week in January when Apple announced the iPhone, I went from an ecstatic reverie of secular futurism to feeling pretty let down. The problem wasn’t what the iPhone didn’t do, the “features” it lacked. The thing was thrilling—a beautiful object, crystalline […]

Greenbuild Podcasts: The Vibrancy of Green (Metropolis)

90 minutes of audio from Greenbuild 2007. This year’s Greenbuild, the annual conference of the US Green Building Council (USGBC), was all about two things: Green has gone corporate—and that’s exactly what everybody wanted.Past gatherings may have been intimate affairs, but this year’s event, in Denver, was a full-scale trade show, with 13,000 attendees walking […]

The Green Urban Office (Metropolis)

With natural lighting and amenities for transportation, HOK’s downtown Toronto studios set the gold standard for office interiors. (link) (pdf of transit diagram)It was Night of the Living Designers. When the elevator doors opened, they were drawn like zombies toward the light, possessed by their desire for operable windows. Or at least that’s how Gordon […]

Greener Education (Metropolis)

Parks and organizations worldwide are learning “public-space management” from the Central Park Conservancy. (link) Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux imagined Central Park as a model for all parks, but even they’d be impressed by this: the Central Park Conservancy, the not-for-profit organization that manages and maintains the park, has been quietly sharing its expertise […]

IDEO’s Urban Pre-Planning (Metropolis)

IDEO’s approach could be seen to further erode the idea of city-building as a democratic process (if it ever was) because of the way it applies the shiny language of marketing to the gritty mixed-up world of the city.

America’s First Entertainment Architects (Metropolis)

In Review: America’s First Entertainment ArchitectsLong before Lapidus and Rockwell there was the sumptuous grandeur of Schultze & Weaver. A couple of weeks after seeing the exhibition In Pursuit of Pleasure: Schultze & Weaver and the American Hotel at Miami’s Wolfsonian museum, I went over to the Waldorf-Astoria to see how Schultze & Weaver’s 1931 […]

Radical Craft (Metropolis)

A Few Stories (and Podcasts) from the SourceMetropolis captures the conference that explored the craft in architecture, technology, fashion, science, and more. (link) “Radical” means edgy, out there on the fringe, but it can also mean root, or even effecting fundamental changes in current practices. Over two days in March at the Radical Craft conference […]

Metropolis 25th Anniversary: The Rio Summit 1992

The idea of sustainable development helped spark a second wave of environmental awareness. (link) Behind a sloppy assemblage of blue construction hoardings at the corner of 42nd Street and Sixth Avenue, a $1 billion monument to what was imagined 14 years ago at the United Nations Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro is beginning to […]

Conversations at Tropical Green (Metropolis)

Audio interviews with speakers at Metropolis’ Tropical Green. (link)    Michael Singer (MP3): An artist’s non-formulaic approach to placemaking.Working in the realms of art and architecture, Michael Singer has opened new possibilities for public art through developing site-specific sculptures. His pieces have become models for successful urban and ecological renewal. In a discussion with Andrew […]