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For These Young Visionaries, Design is an Illusion

The artists featured here manipulate light and sound — water, even — to resensitize us to technological wonder.

Art Capturing Art Capturing Art Capturing… (New York Times)

When Emily Pulitzer opened the Pulitzer Foundation in 2001, she conceived of it as a gesamtkunstwerk — Wagner’s term for the synthesis of multiple art forms — and “Joe,” in all its permutations, lives out the notion to dizzying effect.

The Art of the Deal (New York Times)

Sales offices for condominium developments are usually nondescript, temporary structures. But in the artsy West Queen West neighborhood of Toronto, the London-based architect Will Alsop has created an Urbancorp/Landmark showroom that looks like a speckled red box. Made of marine plywood, it has amoeba-shape windows and an egg-shape conference room. The office will be used […]

Searching for Answers and Discovering That There Are None

One of the great thrills of travel is feeling more alive. But death, too, has its appeals for the traveler.

Suicide Watch

The New York Times, Arts & Leisure, 3/20/2005Timeline The board of directors of the Golden Gate Bridge recently voted to explore installing a barrier that would jeopardize the bridge’s least welcome claim to fame: its status as the world’s most popular place to commit suicide. That decision was the result of a distinctively San Francisco […]

Building A Better Soundtrap

The New York Times, Arts & Leisure (link) In his classic book “The Experience of Place,” Tony Hiss describes the sensation of stepping into the concourse at Grand Central Terminal: “I felt as if some small weight suspended several feet above my head that I had not till then even been aware of, had just […]

The White Zone is for Loading and Unloading Art (The New York Times)

At the Toronto Airport, Air Canada Shares Space With Richard Serra and Sol LeWittArts & Leisure – March 28, 2004 TORONTO – People don’t often go to an airport for the art, but that might begin to change next month when travelers start hustling by Gate 122 of the new Terminal 1 at Pearson International […]

A Serra Sculpture Emerges From Its Tomb (The New York Times)

A Richard Serra sculpture sat behind a wall. Talk about a permanent collection.Arts & Leisure SAN FRANCISCO – The art-world gods must have a strong sense of irony: how else to explain why our greatest living sculptor of walls would find his work behind one? That was the case from 1998 until last month, when […]

How to Make a Building Fly (New York Times)

Will Alsop, who designs unhumble buildings for humble clients, hits new heights of audacity in Toronto. We could have built four or five floors on the vacant parking lot,” the English architect Will Alsop says of the $30 million building he designed for the Ontario College of Art and Design. “But there’s no magic in […]

The Modern’s Other Renovation

What happens when one of the world’s most visually aware institutions redesigns how its name is written?