For These Young Visionaries, Design is an Illusion

The artists featured here manipulate light and sound — water, even — to resensitize us to technological wonder.

Photographs as Things

Aperture #211—What Matters Now? Photographs, especially personal ones, have always served as physical manifestations of memory. Held between fingers or hung on a wall, photographic prints had a direct material connection to their subjects, from light to lens to film to paper. Today, of course, our photographs are born digital. Their power as images remains, […]

Children of the Drone

Marcel Duchamp had his urinal. Andy Warhol had his soup can. James Bridle has his . . . drone? With his first major U.S. museum exhibition opening this week at Washington’s Corcoran Gallery of Art and College of Art & Design, the young British artist is spearheading a conceptual-art movement—“the New Aesthetic”—through Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram, […]

Roman & Williams (Metropolis)

Anachronistic tastes land Roman & Williams two of New York’s hottest hotels—and a quiet, little brick apartment building that looks like it might be more than a century old. ( On a cool, damp morning in New York, Roman & Williams—the noms de guerre of the husband-and-wife designers Stephen Alesch and Robin Standefer—stand on a […]

Infrastructure: Tracking the Future (Metropolis Mag)

The city begins crumbling as soon as it has been constructed. Beneath every new project lies the rubble of another. In the United States today, that’s an important insight. Infrastructure is being revealed, in the sense that it’s attracting more attention than it has in decades. But that attention is divided between repair and renewal, despair and hope.

Motion Granted (Print Magazine)

Animators, more than most designers, are caught these days between commercial and fine art, between serving their clients’ workflows and their own creativity.

Hard Focus (Print Mag)

Digital technology is transforming photojournalism in hot spots around the world.

Olafur Eliasson is Playing With Your Mind (Wired News)

Weather Project Artist Eliasson Brings Techie Installations to U.S. (link) For Take Your Time, a major new exhibition that opened September 8 at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the internationally-celebrated artist Olafur Eliasson changed out the gallery lights, put mirrors on the ceilings, created a small fog bank, filled a room with a […]

Dreaming In Code (Metropolis)

Jonathan Harris distills the Web’s infinite avalanche of thoughts, facts, and feelings into exquisitely framed portraits of humanity.

Art Capturing Art Capturing Art Capturing… (New York Times)

When Emily Pulitzer opened the Pulitzer Foundation in 2001, she conceived of it as a gesamtkunstwerk — Wagner’s term for the synthesis of multiple art forms — and “Joe,” in all its permutations, lives out the notion to dizzying effect.

Welcome to the Art Hotel (BusinessWeek)

Innkeepers around the world are tapping local artists to make their work an essential element of a new breed of hostelry (LINK) “It’s over for design hotels,” says Ian Schrager, the man who invented them. “What once was the exception is now the general rule. It doesn’t interest me anymore. I have taken it as […]

Mirage Building (Surface Magazine)

A Portland art organization earns a reputation for architectural achievement — without a building to show for it. Raising money to construct a signature building designed by a famous architect is on the to-do list of most art institutions these days. That’s simply not a problem for the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art. “We’re itinerant […]