Why the iPhone May Be the Greenest Technology We’ve Ever Seen

What is the environmental impact of a smartphone? Turns out the news is good: From production to use to recycling, these phones are the little engines that could.make a difference.

Metaphor Remediation: A New Ecology for the City (Places Journal)

Confronting climate change and ecological collapse, environmentalists increasingly see urban areas as the most promising engines of sustainability. Two converging realizations — the efficiency of cities, and the global demographic trend towards urbanization — are inspiring a new generation to focus on urban and technology-based solutions to environmental problems.

James Corner: The Long View (Metropolis)

Corner has spent the last 25 years becoming that guy in a deliberate attempt to reinvent the field of landscape architecture by pushing aside its second-fiddle status and antiurban tendencies and claiming a more ambitious agenda: to design the postindustrial city.

Instant Suburb: Prefabs Hits New York (Wired)

Cellophane House is five stories tall, with floor-to-ceiling windows, and translucent polycarbonate steps embedded with LEDs. Its aluminum frame was cut from off-the-shelf components in Europe, assembled in New Jersey, then snapped together in 16 days on a vacant lot next to the Museum of Modern Art — joining four other full-size houses onsite through October as part of the exhibit Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling.

Ocean Current (Wired)

Giant whirlpools, 100-knot winds, some of Europe’s mightiest tides: The icy waters off Scotland’s northern tip are no place for pleasure craft. But they’re ideal for power-generation systems that harness the restless fury of the sea.

7 Days Later (Wired)

Green subdivisions are the vaporware of the home-building industry. But northwest of London, British developers are pulling one off on a scale that Americans are still only mocking up in Photoshop.

Saint Brad (Metropolis)

“So you’re a design junkie too?” Brad Pitt said to me, leaning out the door of an RV parked in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans one evening in December.

Carbon Neutral U (Metropolis)

In the age of global warming, the greening of the American college campus is a largely grassroots effort driven by students, faculty, and in-house staff dedicated to sustainable thinking.

The Accidental Environmentalists (Metropolis)

A chronic problem with employee retention led this pragmatic client to building green.

San Francisco Federal Building (AIASF podcast)

San Francisco Federal Building from AIA San Francisco on Vimeo. Produced for the exhibition STREET CRED San Francisco: Architecture and the Pedestrian Experience, this podcast features architect Thom Mayne, principal of the Los Angles-based firm Morphosis and designer of the new San Francisco Federal Building, in conversation with Andrew Blum, a Brooklyn-based writer and contributing […]

Made in the Shade (Wired)

Jeanne Gang Angles for Energy Savings With Tilted-Window Design (link) Look up at the sun. (Ouch!) Now look down at the ground. (Ahhh.) That pretty much sums up architect Jeanne Gang’s breathtakingly simple approach to reducing energy use in Windermere West, a 26-story condominium destined for Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood. She tilted two-thirds of the […]

Conspicuous Consumption (Wired)

Pop quiz. How much energy are you using right now? Admit it, you have no idea. Building Dashboard could tell you. Developed by Lucid Design Group, it provides real-time, Web-based feedback on electric, gas, and water usage. “This once-a-month utility bill nonsense isn’t good enough to change behavior,” says Michael Murray of Lucid, which is […]