Metaphor Remediation: A New Ecology for the City (Places Journal)

Confronting climate change and ecological collapse, environmentalists increasingly see urban areas as the most promising engines of sustainability. Two converging realizations — the efficiency of cities, and the global demographic trend towards urbanization — are inspiring a new generation to focus on urban and technology-based solutions to environmental problems.

Redesigning the Sky (WIRED)

Nearly all US flight delays can be traced to the snarl of jets over New York City. How do you squeeze more efficiency out of an archaic air traffic control system? Redesign the sky.

James Corner: The Long View (Metropolis)

Corner has spent the last 25 years becoming that guy in a deliberate attempt to reinvent the field of landscape architecture by pushing aside its second-fiddle status and antiurban tendencies and claiming a more ambitious agenda: to design the postindustrial city.

Planning Rwanda (Metropolis)

Thirteen years after the genocide, the tiny African nation begins imagining its future.

Swim Laps in Your Own Private Ocean — With an Ocean View (Wired)

Olympic-size is for plebs. Thanks to advanced hydrotechnology, swimmers can paddle in a private ocean — like this $3.5 million, 20-acre, half-mile-long, 66 million gallon leviathan recently certified by Guinness as the largest pool in the world. Located in Algarrobo, Chile, about 70 miles west of Santiago and just yards from the Pacific, the pool […]

Brad Cloepfil: The Elementalist (Metropolis)

Brad Cloepfil’s emerging body of work may symbolize a shift away from glib shape-making toward a more timeless and lasting architecture.

Rare Bird (The New Yorker)

For all its eccentricities, bird-watching is a respectable hobby, practiced by psychiatrists, kings, and forty-six million Americans. But plane spotting—which also entails tramping around swamps to watch flying objects—somehow lacks the same cachet.

Greener Education (Metropolis)

Parks and organizations worldwide are learning “public-space management” from the Central Park Conservancy. (link) Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux imagined Central Park as a model for all parks, but even they’d be impressed by this: the Central Park Conservancy, the not-for-profit organization that manages and maintains the park, has been quietly sharing its expertise […]

IDEO’s Urban Pre-Planning (Metropolis)

IDEO’s approach could be seen to further erode the idea of city-building as a democratic process (if it ever was) because of the way it applies the shiny language of marketing to the gritty mixed-up world of the city.

The Active Edge (Metropolis)

Designed by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Brooklyn Bridge Park seems destined to become New York’s third great urban landscape.

The Peace Maker (Metropolis Magazine)

As he works on the landscape at the de Young museum in San Francisco, observers wonder: can Walter Hood bridge the divide between public space and in-your-face architecture? (Metropolis) Just before lunch on a bright day in April, Walter Hood straddles a low wall at Splash Pad Park–which he designed–and says, “I like public space […]

Downsview Park (Metropolis)

The Prediction Issue: Downsview ParkToronto reinvents the park as a flexible landscape for a changing community. Ask Bruce Mau if his design for Toronto’s Downsview Park is going to be beautiful, and he sighs. “Actually, we began somewhere different on that issue,” he says. Specifically Mau’s studio began with a humbling insight: the park of […]