The Internet Goes Local (Popular Science)

Locally operated service providers might not help Libya or Egypt at first, but they plant a crucial seed: training smart network engineers.

Acting Like a Start-Up

After designing offices for a veritable who’s who of Silicon Valley tech firms, Studio O+A has a new challenge: bringing the behemoths back to their renegade roots. What was once an out-of-the-way corner of American industry dominates the popular imagination. And O+A finds itself at its center, designing work spaces for an endlessly renewing list of hot start-ups.

This Is the Internet (Gizmodo)

The Internet isn’t only on your screen. Or behind your couch. Or in Google’s data centers. It’s also underwater, where fiber-optic cables stretch across oceans and loop around continents.

Here but Not Here

Architecture has yet to acknowledge the impact of social media on our experience of physical space. Our experience of the world around us has changed to a degree not seen since the arrival of trains and cars. But it’s not clear to me that the process of design has meaningfully acknowledged that.

Tunisia, Egypt, Miami: The Importance of Internet Choke Points (The Atlantic)

The Internet is a network of networks. But what’s often forgotten is that those networks actually have to physically connect — one router to another — often through something as simple and tangible as a yellow-jacketed fiber-optic cable.

Cold Comforts

A look at the latest research bases housing Antarctic scientists.

Netscapes (WIRED)

The Internet surrounds us like air, saturating our offices and our homes. But it’s not confined to the ether. You can touch it. You can map it. And you can photograph it. Here are five postcards from the journey of a single bit, as data flashes from sea to wired sea.

The Bandwidth of Urban Experience (Wired UK)

When it comes to technology and cities, today’s thrilling development – “thrilling”, that is, if you like real cities and corporeal people – is that social networking is enhancing urban places.

The Big Apple Store (Metropolis)

New York tourism gets a 21st-century interface. (link) (Photo Albert Vecerka/Esto/courtesy NYC & Co) The challenge of being a tourist is getting a map of the city inside your head. This is easier in New York than in most places—thanks to the grid—but in January it became easier still, at least for visitors to the […]

Redesigning the Sky (WIRED)

Nearly all US flight delays can be traced to the snarl of jets over New York City. How do you squeeze more efficiency out of an archaic air traffic control system? Redesign the sky.

How-to Pack an SLR Into a Pocket Cam (Wired)

The engineers at high-end camera maker Sigma were determined to shrink it all down to something more totable. It wasn’t an easy task.

Intel Cash Register Knows Who You Are, What You Want (Wired)

Asking the question: “Do you know who I am?” is not likely to score you any points at the store, even in these trying economic times. But Intel wants to change that with a proof of concept cash register that knows not only who you are, but also what you want.