Roman & Williams (Metropolis)

Anachronistic tastes land Roman & Williams two of New York’s hottest hotels—and a quiet, little brick apartment building that looks like it might be more than a century old. ( On a cool, damp morning in New York, Roman & Williams—the noms de guerre of the husband-and-wife designers Stephen Alesch and Robin Standefer—stand on a […]

Redesigning the Sky (WIRED)

Nearly all US flight delays can be traced to the snarl of jets over New York City. How do you squeeze more efficiency out of an archaic air traffic control system? Redesign the sky.

Hard Focus (Print Mag)

Digital technology is transforming photojournalism in hot spots around the world.

Bird Bath (Wired)

Sure, a Jet’s Wings Need Scrubbing, But Its Guts Need a Flush, Too

Air Travel Innovations (Travel & Leisure)

Breakthrough planes from Boeing and Airbus, fresh approaches to cabin design, and new services on the ground aim to change air travel for the better.

Planning Rwanda (Metropolis)

Thirteen years after the genocide, the tiny African nation begins imagining its future.

New York Hotel Bar Uncorks an Interactive Wine List (Wired)

People who are about to drop $300 on a bottle of Chateau Margeaux want the experience to be awesome — bouquet, color, mouthfeel, yada yada. But what about the ordering? Avid wine snobs might think about a trip to Adour, the restaurant opening at New York’s St. Regis Hotel in November. Pull up a stool […]

Swim Laps in Your Own Private Ocean — With an Ocean View (Wired)

Olympic-size is for plebs. Thanks to advanced hydrotechnology, swimmers can paddle in a private ocean — like this $3.5 million, 20-acre, half-mile-long, 66 million gallon leviathan recently certified by Guinness as the largest pool in the world. Located in Algarrobo, Chile, about 70 miles west of Santiago and just yards from the Pacific, the pool […]

Rare Bird (The New Yorker)

For all its eccentricities, bird-watching is a respectable hobby, practiced by psychiatrists, kings, and forty-six million Americans. But plane spotting—which also entails tramping around swamps to watch flying objects—somehow lacks the same cachet.

Small Hotels, Big Personalities (BusinessWeek)

Indie establishments serve up singular style (pillow menu anyone?) along with luxurious touches and 21st century amenities (link) I once stayed at an unassuming little hotel in Paris tucked in an alleyway near the Seine. The rooms were decorated with playful mosaics, the hallways smelled of lavender, and in the mornings the manager himself served […]

Welcome to the Art Hotel (BusinessWeek)

Innkeepers around the world are tapping local artists to make their work an essential element of a new breed of hostelry (LINK) “It’s over for design hotels,” says Ian Schrager, the man who invented them. “What once was the exception is now the general rule. It doesn’t interest me anymore. I have taken it as […]

America’s First Entertainment Architects (Metropolis)

In Review: America’s First Entertainment ArchitectsLong before Lapidus and Rockwell there was the sumptuous grandeur of Schultze & Weaver. A couple of weeks after seeing the exhibition In Pursuit of Pleasure: Schultze & Weaver and the American Hotel at Miami’s Wolfsonian museum, I went over to the Waldorf-Astoria to see how Schultze & Weaver’s 1931 […]