Soft Tubes

Tubes UK paperback cover

I’m pleased to announce the paperback publication of TUBES in the United Kingdom. It’s got a great new cover, a snazzy pocket size, and a friendly penguin on the spine. It’s a beauty. And you’ll be seeing it a lot. W.H. Smiths Travel shops will be featuring TUBES, a perfect setting for the great cover quote from The Independent:

Utterly engrossing. The year’s most stimulating and original ‘travel’ book.

The US and Canadian paperback are coming soon as well, with publication scheduled for May 28th. We also have a great new cover, and a proud cover line, fromĀ Laura Miller’s wonderful review in Salon:

Ingeniously beguiling…Blum is a smart, imaginative, evocative writer who embraces the task of making his readers feel the wonder represented by these unprepossessing object.


The paperbacks join a growing list of international editions, with translations out or forthcoming in Germany, Japan, Spain, Latin America, China, Taiwan, Brazil, Russia, Turkey and the Czech Republic! A few of those covers are below.

tubes Japan cover

Tubos spain cover